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Looking for sites that aren't listed here, or sites that you think should be listed here?  Read this update from 9/24/02 to find out why they aren't here.

Other Sites

Because I've not been maintaining my list of sites the way I'd hoped to, I'm providing the following links.  Keep in mind though that most of these do not contain detailed info on where to ride in Central California.  Interestingly, even though we live in a HUGE chunk of the state in the Central San Joaquin Valley, there are few places to legally ride between Turlock and Modesto, unless you want to race, or ride in the forest.  But if you are more of a freestyler and just want a place to practice jumps, or want to do some motocrossing without having to be in the middle of a pack of quads, minis and pee-wees, there ain't much to pick from today.  Hopefully that will change in time.


I was originally inspired to start this site after visiting the State of California OHV web site which, until sometime in 2002 had no comprehensive information on where you could legally and safely ride your OHV.  It appears that they finally heard the message and the site is becoming more useful.  Over the course of the last several months since I started riding, I've had to find places to ride by trial and error.

Surprisingly, I haven't been kicked out of too many places and the police (Fresno PD) and Sheriffs have never harassed me (too much).  The only times I've had run-in's with the authority have been indirect - when I'm riding somewhere and some bozo pushes the boundaries of good judgment and rides too close to someone's house or something (remember, the law says you must be at least 1/4 mile away from any residential areas).  Other than that, I've really been pleasantly surprised that off-road riders aren't harassed by police.  In fact, one of the guys that sold me my bike was a Fresno PD Motocross patrol.  But every once in a while you will run into a real dick who a) probably doesn't ride, b) was picked on in school and became a cop so he/she could be on a power trip, c) has a small penis, or d) is a bull-dyke.  When you meet a cop like that, just take the ticket and move on - they'll never get it.

To be honest, the biggest pain in the ass has been complaining yuppies (who probably don't ride, and spend their time at the country club screwing each other's wives) and landowners who don't necessarily care that you ride, but they don't want to get sued if you eat doo-doo.  It's a damn shame that we live in such a litigious society that a few sue-happy freaks have to screw the pooch for the rest of us just trying to have some fun.  That said, there are still many good places to ride safely, legally, and radically.  

Here are my findings.  If you have a site that's not listed here, or additional details on a site listed here that you think should be added or changed, please feel free to email me: webmaster@caldirt.com


Public Riding: tracks and fields generally open to the general public.


Private Riding: tracks owned by individuals, generally not open to the public (i.e. you have to know somebody).

  • Fresno - Farm on Belmont (on way to Piedra)

  • Fresno - Fresno Motorcycle Club.  Private.  I spoke w/ the President of the club a couple of years ago and he basically made this sound like a country club that was so exclusive that nobody could get in.  In fact, he told me they weren't taking any new members.  Well laddy-fucking DAH.  That was one more reason why I decided to start this site.

  • Fresno - Farm on Willow/Herndon.  Sorry baby - closed due to yuppie fucks complaining.  The people that own this land have lived there for 40 fucking years and all the fucking yuppies moved in around them, then complained about the noise and a cop came out and I heard nearly cited the owner.  Now is that FUCKED or what?

Places That Won't Last Long

Won't Last Long: riding areas that are generally a bad idea to ride on, but where riders have been seen riding - not me, of course.  ;-)

  • Fresno - Willow and Beheymer (complaining yuppie neighbors)

  • Fresno - field on Ingram and Nees.  Some motherfucker in a Porsche will bitch if you ride here.  As if that sniveling little cocksucker doesn't have enough already (he owns the whole fucking block), he has to bitch if you ride here on his precious dirt.



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